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The website 'Wonders of the World' is a compilation of books on World Heritage themes. The author has not carried out any studies on the subjects covered, he has only made a synthesis of the books which are in the following list: Documentary sources.

Important note: When the site was created, the copyright was not respected. Since 2017 the author has returned to the pages already written to indicate the origin of the information contained therein and to request authorization to exploit them, but it is quite possible that some of this work is not yet fact. If you think you have been robbed, if you think you are the author of a text, a photo but you are not yet credited, I encourage you to contact me by email at the address indicated on the page Credits . I apologize in advance.

Origin of photos and rights of use

Unless otherwise stated, all photos on the site are 'Creative Common CC0', which means they are freely available for private, professional and even commercial use.

The photos belonging to the author can be exploited privately and can be used under commercial conditions. You must systematically ask for permission before their operations. Contact the author by email.

The photos for which an author is cited are not exploitable, either individually or privately.

Origin of texts and rights of use

The texts on the website 'Wonders of the World' belong to the author. By default, they can not be used in any way. You can, however, send me a request for use by email: Credits. In general, private requests are systematically accepted. For the other types of applications, it is depending on the case.

Some texts are quotations, they are usually written with a typography that highlight them. It is an extract used to illustrate an information. Not being the author, each case is specific, on principle these texts are therefore not reusable.

Other texts are reproductions of published works. Rare, they are particularly present for the Eiffel Tower, this website having been built around the book "The Tower of 300m", by Gustave Eiffel. He explains in detail the stages of the construction of his tower. Large extracts of this book are present on the site since this book is no longer subject to copyright.

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