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The author of the website 'Wonders of the World' is called Olivier Noguès. I am a computer scientist, a lover of World Heritage as an individual. It is therefore quite naturally that I created a website on the most beautiful elements of the heritage. My motivation comes from an observation: There are a lot of websites on a given monument, but there is always the same information. Few of them actually deepen the subject, so there was matter to build a site entering deep into each monument.

My approach

Not having the time to do studies on the subject by myself, I always work by compiling information from various sources. The website is therefore built with information from studies made by researchers, documentalists, enthusiasts, in short, by people who have faith in their fields. In order to spoil nobody no published text was taken back, except those free of rights of course. I have always sought to compile the information to present it in the form of a website, and to give as many authors as possible.

This bibliographic census work was not done at the start of the site, so I spend time catching up with this error so that each information can be easily retrieved. I apologize in advance to anyone who has been robbed and commits me to correction as soon as possible.

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My skills

Unquantifiable and never quantified, my skills are only relevant to document synthesis and writing. I do not pretend to be a model in these two areas, being largely perfectible. I am also aware of the presence of many spelling mistakes and random grammatical turns, I try to correct them through my rereadings.

As far as my knowledge about the world heritage is concerned, you must know that I am a lover of old stones and a curious by nature. I have a general culture which - without pretension - allows me to approach the different works from several angles: The angle of the historical context, the angle of contemporary culture at work, the technical angle. I also sometimes had the opportunity to visit the monument in question, which gives the plan of each work on the website: A page to discover it, its history, one on its description, one on the way of the visit. The whole of the other recurrent pages: the historical context, the biographies of the people associated with its construction, the locations and dimensions of the work, and so on.

History of the website

'Wonders of the world' is my third production site after the Catalan Pyrenees and Margeurite Duras. Three websites, three completely different subjects. I have created many other sites over time, but they have been abandoned for various reasons. When I wanted to create this site on heritage I started with the statue of Liberty, so I logically created

This site is becoming more important, as much in terms of pages as visitors, I decided to attack a monument closer to us: the Eiffel Tower. This is the origin of the website Next came From there I created and repatriated the site on the Taj Mahal, then added the pages on the Forbidden City of Beijing and on the Redeemer Christ of Rio (the Corcovado). Following a formal notice from SETE (Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel) I was forced to close, which reappeared in the generic site. The site on the Statue of Liberty followed shortly after, leaving only

The following sites are therefore abandoned, redirected to

  • www.taj-mahal-d-agra

Once completed, other monuments appeared on the site: The Colosseum, the Tower of London, the Pyramid of Cheops and the 7 wonders of the world. There is also a study on the highest statues in the world, and so on.


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