Copyrights of the pictures of the website 'Wonders of the world'


Rules for the use of pictures

The images on this website are subject to copyright. This page explains the different licenses that apply. If you would like to reuse an image of the site, please refer to the explanations below for the possibilities.

There are two categories of images: The "Creative license commons", free but subject to some rules, and the "image licenses", the use of which is subject to strict rights

License "Creative commons"

Creative Commons licenses handle the different cases of free images. They allow all, except exception below, the free distribution, reproduction and modification of the images concerned. These licenses are identified by a code composed of a succession of two letters separated by a dash. Each group of two letters has a meaning. They all start with "CC", the initials of "Creative Commons".


The "CC0" license is an exception to CC licenses. The author of the CC0 licensed image has assigned the right of use. The photo is available at will, whatever its destination, including commercial. It must be released under the same license. No mention of the author is required.


An image with "BY" in its license code means that the image can only be used if the author is quoted. This is the only code common to all creative licenses.


Non-commercial use imposed. These images can not be used for commercial purposes.


Share the same. Images under this license are reusable, even if they have been modified. Documents using an SA licensed image are automatically subject to the same license. It means that if you use an image in "SA" for a study project, it will be searchable, modifiable at will by anyone.


Unchangeable. These images can not be modified, they must be used as it is.


License CC-BY-SA: Free image, the author must be quoted, the document created with this image must be under the same license.

License CC-BY-NC-ND: Free image, the author must be cited, prohibition to use it for commercial use. It must be used as it is.

License CC-BY-NC: Free image, the author must be quoted, prohibition to use it for a commercial use. It can be modified.

Image License

It is most often purchasable images. In this category, there are three different types of licenses:


It means that once the image purchased, it belongs to you and you can do what you want. However you will not have the exclusivity of the image, and you will not be able to resell it or transmit the rights to a third person.

Rights managed

This license entitles the use of an image only once, for a particular use. It requires to specify the use that will be made.

Editorial use

The images used under this license are legally managed images that can only be used by non-commercial users. Most often they serve to illustrate a current event, a subject of study.

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