Location of the Manneken pis


Location of the Manneken Pis

Do you want to go see the Manneken Pis? Avoid unpleasant surprises by learning about where it is!

In fact, in the case of the Manneken Pis there is no great danger, because it is in the center of the city, close to the main square. But it could have been in an eccentric neighborhood, hence the interest to inquire before. Anyway, here's where he is, exactly:


the official adress of the Manneken Pis is:

1000 Brussels, Belgium

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The Manneken Pis is located in Brussels, at the corner of the streets of the oven and oak. This is where the Rue des Grands Carmes ends. This intersection is located in the center of the capital of Belgium.

These are busy and busy streets, one of which is pedestrian. To get there, it's best to take the Grand-Place de Bruxelles as a starting point, it's the center of the city and a must-see for any visit to this city.

From here, take the Rue Charles Buls about fifty meters, it leads to the street of the oven that must then follow for 150m only, we arrive at this small intersection. The Manneken Pis is on your left. Impossible to miss, except in the middle of the night, there is always a crowd of walkers who stops in front.

The rue de l'Etuve is pedestrian, you can walk there safely, but be careful because once in front of the statue you will also be rue du Chêne, which is rolling. Do not stay in the middle of the road ...


From a general point of view the Manneken-Pis is on the European continent, to be more precise in Northern Europe. Let's go down to see him a little closer.
The Manneken-Pis is located in Belgium, in the center of the country
Going down a little we see Brussels.
If we approach Brussels, we see that the statue is in the city center, near the Grand 'place.
Going down again we can see the neighborhood.
Detailed map of the neighborhood.

Distances from other Brussels sites

If we visit the capital of Belgium we will invariably go to see some of the sights of this beautiful city. Can we walk there?

So let's answer the question immediately: Yes, in part. Many tourist elements of Brussels are concentrated in the hyper-center that is only on foot, so it's perfect for tourism. The most distant points are the famous atomium and the European Council, to name but a few. They will require a trip by car, for example by public transport.

The most central point is the Grand Place, it's the famous rectangular square with beautifully decorated facades that can be seen on all the postcards of Belgium. It is lined with the Town Hall and the King's House, two iconic buildings here. The king's house houses the famous museum of the city which itself contains the real Manneken Pis. Because for those who do not know, the statue that can be seen in the city is a replica, the real statue is in this museum! To go from the museum to the Manneken Pis, count a few minutes, on foot. It is 150m.

The Museum of the Wardrobe is a recent museum located at 19, rue du Chêne. It is also close to the Manneken Pis, it is accessed on foot, necessarily. This museum presents the outfits that were offered to him. And to be more precise, it presents several outfits, not all ... because it has hundreds, and it is impossible to all expose!

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