FAQ of the gardens of Babylon


FAQ on the gardens of Babylon

Where is the hanging gardens of Babylon?

It is a great mythical building that is supposed to be in the city of Babylon, in Mesopotamia, currently 100km south of Baghdad, Iraq. But the fact that this monument is the only one of the seven whose archaeological finds have not been found causes us to doubt their sites or even their existences. A recent thesis places the gardens in the city of Nineveh, formerly in Assyria.

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What did the hanging gardens of Babylon look like?

As it is the most enigmatic of the seven wonders, it is difficult to make a precise description of it, especially since the rare testimonies of the time were lost. Nowadays we have only texts containing these testimonies, they have necessarily been modified. Still, the gardens seem to have been a succession of terraces raised by heavy pillars forming a vault. On these terraces were different species of plants, which gave the impression of a garden in the sky. But most of the drawings of this period are too rudimentary for reliance, and subsequent representations are merely artistic views, without any scientific notion.

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