FAQ of the pyramid of Cheops


FAQ on the pyramid of Cheops

Where is the pyramid of Cheops?

It is found in Egypt, more exactly in Cairo, the capital. The site is a large necropolis dominated by six pyramids, three of large size, all at the gates of the city.

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What size does the pyramid of Cheops?

It is really gigantic! It is a pyramid with square base of 230m of side, for 138m of height at the highest point. But initially it was even bigger: 146m. It is erosion that has reduced it, the erosion of time, quite simply. Otherwise it must be known that it occupies a ground surface of more than 5 hectares, and that its perimeter is 922m. You have a lot more numbers on the page below.

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What if I want accurate numbers?

You have them here: Numbers on the pyramid. There are all the detailed measurements, including angle measurements, volumes, surfaces, orientation, etc.

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