FAQ of the Temple of Artemis


FAQ on the Temple of Artemis

Where was the temple of Artemis?

The temple of Artemis was in the ancient city of Ephesus, a city that is now extinct near Selcuk, Turkey. It is nowadays an archeological site at 5Kms inland while it was at the time by the sea. It is the alluvial deposit of the local river that caused this shift of the littoral.

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What is the relationship between the temple of Artemis and Artemisia?

It's just the same thing. We talk about one or the other without distinction.

What was the materials?

The materials used were marble and wood. The marble was innovative for the time: Heavy stone and difficult to cut, it was necessary that the manufacturers invent new methods of transport to transport the stones on the site of the site. The lifting methods were also innovative because it was impossible for the time to lift loads so heavy at a height of 20m.

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