Biographies of the Forbidden City


Biographies about the Forbidden city

Here is the biography of some important characters about the Forbidden City. They concern prominent emperors.

The emperor Yongle


Emperor Yongle is considered the first emperor of the Forbidden City, the one who built it. In practice, it is a little more complicated than that because Beijing has served as capital several times previously, according to the dynasties, and there thus existed several imperial palaces in this city ... (Learn more)

The emperor KangXi


It was in 1661 that KangXi ascended the throne, but he was then only 7 years old, so he was under the regency of his grandmother, Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang. At the age of 13, he manages to dismiss the regents who supervise him and henceforth administers his own empire. He quickly becomes expert in ... (Learn more)

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