The great dates of history of China

The great dates of history of China

Here is a table containing the main dates of the history of Chinese civilization, in chronological order. They fall into several categories, from the dynastic landmark to the dates of the great inventions, to the major events in the history of this great country that is China.

-1100 Appearance of an advanced writing system
-841 Apparition of the first historical texts
de -551 à -479 Life of Confucius
-480 à ? Life of Lao Tseu
-400 Construction of the first defensive ramparts
from Vth to IIIth century Apparition of the confucianism and taoism
-221 Unification of China
-214 Construction of the great wall of China
IIIe siècle av. JC Unification of the currency, the spread of cart wheels, standardization of writing
67 Introduction of bouddhism in China
100 First Chinese dictionary
IInd century Apparition of the manufacture of steel, invention of the coupling of chest
105 Paper manufacturing
Vth century Buddhism becomes a religion
696 Implementation of the system of administrative examinations
VIIth century Invention of printing
Xth century Rocket manufacture with saltpeter, invention of the compass. Development of porcelain, ceramics. Invention of xylography (printing on paper with engraved wooden planks) and popularization of books, opening of schools and libraries
XIth century Invention of gunpowder
1115 Dynasty Jin Historical landmark
XIIth century Development of Printing and Porcelain (Celadons)
1271 Dynasty Yuan Historical landmark
1271-1292 Marco Polo travel to China
1368 Dynasty Ming Historical landmark
1408 Publication of the first Chinese encyclopedia (11,000 volumes, 2,000 writers)
1407-1420 Construction of the forbidden city
1644 Dynasty Qing Historical landmark
XVth and XVIth century Essor of Ming porcelain, development of acupuncture
XVIIth and XVIIIth century Publication of numerous encyclopedias and a dictionary of 42,000 characters. Prohibition of Christianity.
XIXth century British exports of Indian opium to China, China's trade deficit increases
1840-1842 Opium war
1850 Revolt of Taiping
1900 Boxer revolt, uprising against Westerners
1912 Proclamation of the Republic Historical landmark
1912-1916 Presidency of Yuan Kai Tche
1921 Communist Party Foundation
1927-1936 Gouvernment of Guomindang
1934 Long walk
1937-1945 Chinese-Japanese War
1949 Foundation of the People's Republic of China by Mao Zedong (October 1st) Historical landmark
1958-1960 Great leap forward
1966-1969 Cultural Revolution
1976 Death of Mao Zedong, fall of the gang of four
1978 - 1980 Beijing Spring
1982 Reorganization of the central government, Deng Xiao Ping takes power
1989 Wave of disputes of students and intellectuals in Beijing: events of Tiananmen Square
1997 Restitution of Hong Kong to China, with a special autonomy status for 50 years

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