Gate of thriving imperial clan


Gate of thriving imperial clan

Gate of thriving imperial clan (Longzong men)

The door of the prosperous imperial clan is the counterpart of the door of good fortune, it is its opposite. It leads to the residence of the Empress Dowager. Even imperial parents and high officials could not cross that door leading to the inner courtyard without either an emergency or the Emperor's request. The office of the Grand Council of State (Junji Chu) was located just inside this door.

The coffins of the Qing emperors who died outside the Forbidden City were carried by this door into the palace where a mourning group was gathered. During the reign of Jiaqing (1796-1820), a fierce struggle between rebel peasants and imperial guards took place at this gate in 1813. The guards successfully blocked the rebels in the inner courtyard by closing the gates. The half-arrow now glued to the name of the plate is a reminder of this struggle.

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