Kiosk of the three friends


Kiosk of the three friends

The kiosk of three friends (Sanyouxuan)

The Three Friends kiosk, named Sanyouxuan in Chinese, is an intimate building located in the third courtyard of Qianlong Garden. His name comes from the three friends that are pine, bamboo and plum. All its elements as architectural details follow a unique decorative scheme inspired by these three plants. Because pine and bamboo stay green throughout the winter and plum is among the first trees to bloom in the spring, while the snow is still on the ground, the three winter friends are symbols of the renewal, longevity, moral purity, and survival in the face of adversity. Looking forward to reside in his palace, the emperor wrote:

After four springs and so many autumns, I decided to live here. Thereafter I will enjoy good leisure and be happy in this place, forever.

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