Palace of earthly honor


Palace of earthly honor

Palace of the erthly honor (Yikun gong)

Built in 1417, the Palace of Earthly Honor was originally named Palace of Myriads of Peace. It took its current name during the reign of Jiajing (1522-1566), an emperor of the Ming Dynasty. It was rebuilt in 1655 by order of Emperor Sunzhi. It was the residence of empresses and concubines in the Ming and Qing dynasties. During the grant ceremonies, Empress Dowager Cixi received here the respect of concubines. She also received the congratulations of the courtiers who came to wish her 50th birthday.

In 1802, Emperor Jiaqing commissioned works in this palace, which he wished to link to the Palace of Accumulated Elegance. He followed the construction of a new room, the Hall of Harmony Favorable (Tihedian). At the end of the century Cixi converted it into a dining room. It is also in this room that she chooses Empress Longyu and concubines Jin and Zhenfei for Emperor Guangxu.

This palace is part of six Western palaces, in the inner courtyard.

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