Biographies on the Tower of London


Biographies on the tower of London

Here are the biographies of some of the prominent figures with regard to the Tower of London. They concern kings who had a connection with the Tower of London, those who built it or modified it in depth.

William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror

First king of Normandy of England, William 1st said "The Conqueror", was born in 1028 at the castle of Falaise, in France. William was the illegitimate son of Robert "the Devil" or "the Magnificent", Duke of Normandy and his mistress Herleve (sometimes called Arlette), the daughter of Fullbert, master of Falaise. Before history named him "the Conqueror," William was better known to his contemporaries under the name of William the Bastard. Herleve would have attracted him ... (Read more)

Henry III

Henry III

Henry III, eldest son of King John and Isabella of Angoulême, was born on 1 October 1207 in Winchester. A grandson of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, he was also the great-great-grandson of Louis VI of France. He succeeded his father, unpopular, at the age of nine, and emerged as an inheritance an anarchic kingdom. Henry was described as a "pretty little knight" when he was crowned at the Gloucester abbey church in front of a circle of close relatives of his mother (Read more)

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