India, a land of contrasts

It would probably take a lifetime to visit India. The country is not only vast by its size, but also by its geographical and cultural diversity. The contrast with the West is striking. It attracts and rejects at once. This subcontinent has managed to remain unified in the course of its history and is today, despite many ethnic problems, the largest democracy in the world.

This website offers you the opportunity to discover India from different angles: Geography, for example, which gives details about the population, the distribution of wealth, the caste system, but also provides information on industry, agriculture, crafts, and of course purely physical data, such as reliefs, streams, etc. The history is very developed as well, with great records on all the periods of "Great India", which used to go from Afghanistan to Bangladesh. To find out, there is at disposal a chronological frieze giving the main dates in the history of India.

This site also shows you the Indian culture, marked by its great diversity. This is not surprising when you know the extent of the territory and the large number of people who live there. This part will familiarize you with dance, music, cinema, but also Ayurvedic medicine and even with the notion of sacred cow! This leads to the notions of religion, which are also diverse. If most Indians are Hindus, a not insignificant part is Muslim and many other religions are represented here.

Finally it is impossible to talk about India without giving advice on tourism in India.

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