Dimensions of Christ the Redeemer, on the Corcovado


Dimensions of Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer of Rio, on the hill of Corcovado, is a large statue, but it is far from being among the highest in the world. It measures 38m high, of which 8m for the base. For example, the Statue of Liberty in New York is 46m high and is perched on a base a little higher, reaching a total size of nearly three times the statue of Rio (93m) . The highest statues in the world are found in Ang Thong (Thailand, "Great Buddha of Thailand"), Leshan, Mount Emei (China, "Leshan Grand Buddha") and Kiev (Ukraine, "Statue of the Mother-Country "). Note that India is currently building what will be the highest statue in the world, but it is not yet inaugurated.

The dimensions of the statue of Rio

Here are some dimensions of the statue of Rio:

  • Total height: 38m
  • Height of the statue: 30m
  • Height of the pedestal: 8m
  • Height of the head: 3,75m
  • Lenght of a hand: 3,20m
  • Width: 8,50m
  • Total Scope: 28m

With a wingspan of 28m for 30m high, the statue of the Corcovado fits in a form that approaches the square. It would not be said, but the body occupies nearly a third of the total width of the statue, and each hand is nearly the size of the head. It must be said that the purified style of this statue favors large dimensions, it seems made of large straight lines that stretch as far as possible.

The weight of the statue is also important. It depends essentially on the material in which it is made. Initially it had to be made of copper, but this metal was quickly abandoned in favor of a new modern material: concrete. But concrete is heavy. Especially since the internal structure of the statue is also made of concrete, and it still corresponds to a kind of 12-storey tower! So even with a narrow width, this tower is necessarily very heavy.

  • Weight: 635 tonnes
  • Weight: 1,145 tons (with base)
  • Weight of head: 30 tons
  • Weight of one hand: 8 tons

It is amusing to note that Christ the Redeemer of Rio weighs approximately 10% of the weight of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which weighed 10,100 tons in construction and 8,700 today. Finally, for a 300m tower compared to a 38m statue, the weight-for-height ratio is just in favor of the Eiffel Tower ... which seems to us far more aerial than this massive statue!

Finally, let us recall that the Corcovado, the hill on which the statue was erected, has an altitude of 710m.

To conclude, we can say that this statue has important dimensions but remains relatively modest compared to what has been done in the course of history in other countries. The strength of this monument is therefore not in its size, but more in its form, its position, and evidently in its meaning.

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