Biographies around the Colosseum


Biographies around the Colosseum

Here is the biography of some important characters about the Colosseum.

Emperor Vespasian


Vespasian is the Roman emperor Nero successor, he ruled from 69 to 79. Founder of the Flavian dynasty, his eldest son Titus will succeed him, and his second son Domitian, on the death of his brother. The Flavian dynasty only lasted during the time of these three emperors, but it was under their reigns that the ... (Read more)

Emperor Titus


Titus was born on December 30, 39 in Aquae Cutillae, a former spa near Rome, currently on the territory of the Italian city of Castel Sant'Angelo. He is the son of Vespasian (9 - 79), who came from a family of local notables and as such he could get closer to the emperor Claude. So Titus grows up ... (Read more)

Emperor Domitian


Domitian was born on October 24, 51 in Rome. His father was the future Emperor Vespasian, his mother Domitilla the Elder, he is the third child of the couple who had before him his brother Titus and his sister Domitilla the younger. While Titus is following military training in the wake of his father, Domitian is rather sidelined from these ... (Read more)

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