Numbers about the Colosseum


Numbers about the Colosseum

The amphitheater of Rome, the famous Colosseum, is a monument of exceptional size. Nowadays smaller than it was formerly, here are some figures below are its dimensions, but also on its history.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum

Its height

The Colosseum is ovoid, ie it is an ellipse with several centers. Its dimensions are:

Height: 50.75m

Lenght: 187.75m

Width: 155.60m

Circumference: 527m

Her inner arena is very large, she measures:

Lenght: 83m

Width: 48m

Its architectural elements

Number of floors: 4

Number of arcades per floor: 80, ie 240 arcades in total (The 4th floor has no arches)

Height of an arcade: 7.05m on the ground floor, 6.4m for the other two levels

Width of an arcade: 4.2m

Capacity: from 40 to 70,000 places

Slope of the stands: 30° down, 40° at the top

Number of fountains: 70

Number of support poles of the velum: 240

Its construction

Number of architects: 4 (unknown)

Foundations: 31m wide by 12m high, over 530m long

Its history

Start of construction: Between 70 and 72 AD

End of construction: 80 AD

End of use: 6th century

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