Anecdotes about the Taj Mahal


Anecdotes about the Taj Mahal

Here are some anecdotes about the Taj Mahal, which always gives us some curious, symbolic and romantic information.

Emperor Jahan did not always wear this name

Yes, the name of Shah Jahan, the one who built the taj Mahal, was originally called Prince Khurram, the name given to him at birth and under which he went in conquest for his father. He had a different name before and after his accession to the throne.

His wife no more!

The Persian princess Arjumand Bano Begum was noticed by Shah Jahan for her exceptional beauty. After getting married, it was the husband who chose a new name for his wife, who was thus "baptized" Mumtaz Mahal, which means "The elected of the palace" or "the jewel of the palace" .

There are 95 restaurants in France named after Taj Mahal

This is apparent from the short study of French telephone subscribers, whose names include the "Taj Mahal" mts, or who approach it seriously. In fact, the 95 establishments are not all restaurants, there are also beauty salons, holding companies, and even ... a masonry company.

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It took 1000 elephants to build the Taj Mahal

The construction of the Taj Mahal required, one suspects, a great organization. At the height of the construction site, 20,000 men were working on site, but they needed 1,000 elephants to transport the equipment. It must be said that the blocks of marble, even if they were landed on the beach, had to weigh a lot for men.

The Taj Mahal changes color

Of course this is only an impression because the monument remains white, but depending on the time of day and weather, full moon or not, the mausoleum appears with slightly different colors. Some say that these are the differences in hues are to be related to the mood changes of women. A poetic way to describe a slight defect?

Allah is quoted under 99 names

The mausoleum is inlaid with precious, semi-precious stones, jade and black marble. The drawings sometimes leave room for calligraphy. Thus on the different faces of the tomb we can read the name of Allah written under 99 different forms! And of course according to Islam, the prophet is not drawn once, this religion rejecting iconography.

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