The Casemates



The casemates are a succession of rooms in the outer rampart. This rampart, much thicker than the preceding one, was built by planning these casemates on the west, north and south sides, even if they do not have the same form. In the north they are rather small fortified houses, whereas in the East they are integrated into the ramparts. Note that Isaac Newton lived in these houses for a while.

Today they are home to a temporary numismatic exhibition. We see old pieces of course, even very old, but also the punching machines that made it possible to manufacture them. This museum, if not very big, is still quite interesting. In fact it is not for nothing that such a museum opened here. It is simply because it is in these rooms that the production of pieces of the kingdom was found. And yes, at least some of the pieces were struck in these small rooms of the Tower of London, a place finally rather well secured.

The rooms are rather low ceilings and cool. Access is via an entrance to Mint Street, just past the Byward Tower.


Location of the casemates

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