Humor on the statue of Liberty


Humor on the statue of Liberty

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Female symbol of power, freedom, statue of liberty has obviously been the subject of humorous diversions. It must be said that there is plenty to do, especially as our computer software days allow great freedom in image traffic. Some are fun and are looking to get a message ... or not.

Let's start with one of the criticisms made by the Europeans to their American cousins: Junk food. Sure, from eating hotdogs and hamburgers at any other time of the day, we end up gaining weight. This is illustrated by the following image, particularly expressive.


Well, she eats whatever she wants, even an impressive stack of steaks, but it was not obliged to insult us either ... Let's make small congratulations to the author of this diversion that shows the unthinkable: the bottom of the statue. It is not folichon-folichon all that ... Knowing that the statue was made by French, you are sure Bartholdi would have put him under such?

Speaking of below one can switch to another diversion, a little sexier. It can be seen as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe, given the similarity of positions between the actress in her favorite film "7 Year Itch" (1955), and those images.

Marylin Monroe           Marylin Monroe

I bet that there are more than one that wanted to be on the pedestal that day. Note the high heels, very original. And we can also see that it has retained its top drape, whatever she walked up the sleeves of her tunic. Then it is in the sexy pictures, so treat immediately the following images, which actually want alluring. They do not take the comparison with Marilyn elsewhere, but the statue in sex bomb is also very strange. The author had fun with the bare hand, cold, the original statue.

Statue of liberty sexy           Statue of liberty sexy

In addition, the left tramples her clothes! When I think of the time it took to adjust its Bartholdi copper plates, it was well worth it to find the crumpled on the floor ...

If it shows a stamped diversion Miss Liberty of all constraints modest, another author has imagined shy, the opposite. Could she be afraid of the public, wanting to hide ultimately are we sure she wanted to be exposed to the world, facing the ocean, exposed to the view of millions of people for decades? If it does not, that's what she would have done, simply:

The Statue of Liberty is hiding

Funny, right? The suite offers us a Statue of Liberty tired of holding her torch so long. She deserved to sit a bit. By cons we do not expect her smoke ... And as she sits, let's look to that of a wheelchair.

Statue of Liberty sitting           Statue of Liberty sitting

The following picture shows a statue quite happy to run away from her pedestal. She has not forgotten her torch she holds with her tablet, but takes the highway, causing a traffic jam behind her pretty! This is normal after all for a symbol of freedom, to escape from time to time. Or even have a good time practicing her favorite activities, such as Hip-Hop.

Statue of Liberty in motion           Statue of Liberty dancing hip-hop

And finally proof that Miss Liberty is French: She dancing french cancan.

Statue of Liberty dancing the cancan


Below are some drawings of caricaturists, drawings done mostly to illustrate particular events. In order: Strengthening security checks in airports, the passage of Hurricane "Irene" in New York, the consequences of "shutdown" in the United States, drawing illustrating the vote and the last for the Hurricane Sandy.

Note that the Shutdown is this short period in which the government has not managed to agree with the Senate for the adoption of the country's budget. Failing agreement in due time, all federal agencies that do not have emergency criteria should close, which happened once during the presidency of Barack Obama.

Scan of the statue Statue after Irene Statue after shutdown Statue at the election Statue during the storm Sandy

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