Copies and replicas of the statue of Liberty in Belarus


Copies of the statue of Liberty in Belarus

Former country of the USSR, we do not expect to find replicas of the Statue of Liberty in Belarus. Yet there is at least one, in a city with an unpronounceable name ...

Replica of Dneprodzerzhinsk

Replica of Dneprodzerzhinsk


In Belarus, the city of Dneprodzerzhinsk (yes ...) conceived a grandiose monument, taking a lot of floor space. It involves the Statue of Liberty and Prometheus, côteet by side on top of a partial globe which forms a monument of nearly 15m wide. It is a work rather invasive. The Statue of Liberty is not well made, unfortunately: The tablet is worn too low, and it has only 5 spoke to the crown which has to count 7, normally. We feel that the artist wanted to get more symbol than making an exact copy.

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