Copies and replicas of the statue of Liberty in Spain


Copies of the statue of Liberty in Spain

There are few replicas of the Statue of Liberty in Spain, but one of them is very surprising: It was made by Salvador Dali, and as nothing is simple with him, the visitor can see that she raises both arms!

Replica of Cadaquès

Replica of Cadaquès


In Spain, Dali made an illegal copy. It is on display in her home village at the entrance of Cadaques, on the Mediterranean coast, near the French border. Its originality? She has both arms, each hand holding a torch. That of Cadaques is a copy because her original work is in France, the castle Vascoeuil.

Replica of Cénicéro

Replica of Cénicéro


It also has to be a Ceneiro Statue of Liberty erected in honor of veterans of the first Carlist war. This statue was removed for political reasons during the period of the Franco dictatorship, before returning to its place in 1976.

Replica of Barcelone

Replica of Barcelone


Barcelona has a replica of the Statue of Liberty, it is the library Rossend Arús. Placed on a pretty high pedestal for the fact that it is inside the building, this replica is 2 meters high and guard the entrance of this library since 1984 specializing in labor movements, anarchists and Freemasons. The statue itself is very well made, it has a nice patina. It serves as a fixture.

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