Dimensions of the statues of Easter island


Dimensions of the statues of Easter island

The Moaïs are the famous statues of Easter Island, a Chilean island located in the South Pacific. The people who settled there about from the twelfth century developed a cult that made them erect monumental statues, carved in the stones of one of the three volcanoes of the island. These statues are relatively large, but their sizes have evolved over time.

The statues of Easter Island

The statues of Easter Island

Size and weight of the statues

Moaïs have varied sizes and weights, of course. The first ones that were carved were the real size, that is to say they measured about 1m60 to 1m80, no more, for an approximate weight around one ton. But gradually the dimensions have increased , reaching sizes of 10m for larger ones. On average, they are 7m high, but it's really average, no statue is really the same size as its neighbor. The weight of these statues ranges from a few tons to a few tens of tons. For the moment no one has yet managed to weigh a statue./p>

The largest statue on the site is 21m high. But it was never finished, its size is actually its length on the ground because it is still caught in the rock of the soil in which it was carved. If it was never finished, it is because the ancestor worship for which it was intended was abandoned between the beginning of its size and its final erection.

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