Numbers about the Pyramid of Cheops


Some numbers about the Pyramid of Cheops

Here are some figures on the pyramid of Cheops.

About its dimensions

  • Height at origin: 146,60m
  • Current Height: 138,00m
  • Length of the South side: 230,45m
  • Length of the North side: 230,25m
  • Length of the west side: 230,36m
  • Length of the East side: 230,39m
  • Floor area : 5,29 ha
  • Horizontal of the base: Deviation of 21mm

  • Volume: 2 592 350m3
  • Area: 53 055 m2

  • Measurement of the North-East angle: 90° 3' 2"
  • Measurement of the North-West angle: 89° 59' 58"
  • Measurement of the South-East angle: 89° 56' 27"
  • Measurement of the South-West angle: 90° 0' 33"

About its history

  • Construction time: 23 ans
  • Number of workers: 20 000

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