Numbers of the Eiffel Tower


Numbers of the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a fantastic work of art, a real tour de force. Some figures force admiration, especially when we know the little time spent on its construction. Here are just a few numbers, in bulk.

The dimensions

Initial height: 312 m (from the ground to the top of the flagstaff)

Current height: 324 m (from the ground to the top of the antennas)

Weight: 10 100 tonnes, of which:

Weight of metal structures: 7,300 tons

1st floor height: 57 m

2nd floor height: 115 m

3rd floor height: 276 m

Its structure

Number of steps: 1710 (Ground-top)

Number of steps: 1585 (Floor-3rd floor)

Number of steps: 1130 (Middle Floor)

Number of stairs: 674 (Floor-2nd floor)

Number of stairs: 347 (Floor-1st floor)

Foundations : 15m (plus grande profondeur, piliers Nord et Ouest)

Floor area: 125m square

1st floor area: 4415 square meters

2nd floor area: 1430 square meters

3rd floor area: 250 square meters

Number of rivets: 2 500 000

Number of pieces of iron: 18 038

The construction

Start of construction: January 28, 1887 (Foundations)

Start of work: July 1st, 1887 (Metal structure)

Inauguration : March 31, 1889

Total duration of work: 2 years, 2 months and 5 days

The painting

Weight of the paint : 60 tons

Periodicity of painting: Every 7 years

Number of painters: 25


Cost of the construction : 7 799 401,31 francs-gold of 1889

Its daily operation

Number of projectors: 336

Number of twinkle bulbs: 20 000

Staff : 280

Emetteurs TV/Radios :

     Analog TV: 6

     TNT: 48

     Radios: 31

Number of antennas: 120

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