Rates of the Eiffel Tower


Rates of the Eiffel Tower

These rates are those in effect on January 1, 2015. Only those indicated on the official website of the tower are authentic. You can buy your ticket on site or on the Eiffel Tower ticket office. In this case it will be up to you to print it or, better, to put it on your mobile phone which will serve as a ticket to you. It is not possible to buy a "stairway ticket" through the website, as shown below.

by the staircase

By taking the stairs you will reach the first and second floor, according to your state of fatigue. It's high, it's long, but it's a very good experience to ride the Eiffel Tower on foot. The sensation of height is more impressive than by the lift, both for the ascent as for the descent. Moreover on this subject you can not climb on foot and go down by the elevator. There are 400 steps to get to the 1st floor, and 720 to the 2nd, or 320 more. Afterwards, it's over because the stairs to the third floor are for the use of the staff and serve as a fire escape for people going to the 3rd floor by the elevator, so it is forbidden to the public.

The entrance of the stairs is made by the South pillar, but the exit by any pillar whose staircase is open, which I advise to do because there is always something different to see of a pillar to the other, although they all look alike. The ticket price is:

Adult: 7,00 €

Child: 5,00 €

Special rate: 3,00 €

Note that climbing by the staircase is the only way of visit whose ticket can not be purchased on the Internet, it must be purchased locally. This is not a big drawback because there is never a queue at this wicket, it is separate from the elevators.

Second floor elevator

There are three elevators to go up to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, they are in the East, North and West pillars (The southern one is reserved for the client of the restaurant "Jules Verne". The elevator to go up, you lose interest because walking on foot is very interesting, but I admit that after a day of sightseeing in Paris, climbing on foot is not easy. , but wait until you have a good time, unless you have a quiet time, to avoid this you can buy the ticket on the Internet on the official website of the Eiffel Tower:

Adult: 11,00 €

Child: 8,50 €

Special rate: 4,00 €

Lift 3rd floor:

The third floor of the tower is accessible through two special elevators, which rise vertically (the others rise obliquely). It is also better to buy tickets in advance on the official website. The ticket prices are:

Adult: 17,00 €

Child (12-24): 14,50 €

Special rate: 10,00 €

The special rate applies for children from 4 to 11 years old, disabled persons and accompanying persons with disabilities. The Youth fare is applicable for persons aged 12 to 24 years. Children of 4 years are guests of the Eiffel Tower, they can enter for free.

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