The Eiffel Tower on arts


The Eiffel tower on arts

As an emblem of France, even if it is not an official title, the Eiffel Tower has a lot of success with artists, whatever the chosen artistic medium. In the pages below there are many references to this great lady of Paris in songs, paintings, movies, etc. There is also a section on the Eiffel Tower as a medium in advertising. It's not really art, but that's where this part of the site was best suited.

Did the Eiffel Tower immediately support the artistic field? The answer is yes, and much sooner than we think, since it's even before construction that it has been the subject of poems. In fact, there was a protest by 47 artists, all signatories of an open letter to the attention of Mr Alphand, the curator of the 1889 World Fair and therefore responsible for the construction of the Eiffel Tower . These artists put forward the ugliness of the building, but as they received an answer in the form of an end of not receiving, they had no other solution than to use their own weapons: Poetry for some , painting for others, etc. Poetry has been used as a support for the pro fight against anti-Eiffel Tower and that during the few months of its construction. This episode in the history of the tower is told in the page Reticence of artists. For the rest of the literary works, songs, movies or even plays, everything is on these pages.

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