Copies, replicas and reproductions of the Eiffel Tower in Australia


Copies of the Eiffel tower in Australia

Replica of the AWAT tower

Replica of the AWAT tower

AWAT tower

The AWA Tower is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is an office building that was built in 1939. In order to circumvent the restrictions of the maximum height of the buildings in Sydney, the owners chose to build a transmitter. The chosen shape is inspired by the Eiffel Tower, although the resemblance is not striking.

It was for a long time the highest construction of Australia. It is square, and its mesh is uniform and dense, which gives an imposing effect, unlike the Eiffel Tower which, it is rather aerial. The intermediate floor is an open platform, a kind of balcony with a guardrail. The tip is typical with its ogive shape.

Replica of Brisbane

Replica of Brisbane


This copy of the Eiffel Tower is in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She is on the roof of the café "Rue de Paris" who wanted to remember the French origins of the establishment. It is in the Milton area, for those who want to go there. This tower was completed on December 8, 2013, so it is relatively recent.

It is not particularly well done, but its general shape is correct. The builders took her out of the roof as if her base was in the cafe, which spared them from doing the whole first floor. Trick...

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