Copies, replicas and reproductions of the Eiffel Tower in Emirates


Copies of the Eiffel tower in Emirates

Replica of Dubai

Replica of Dubai


The United Arab Emirates does not know what to do to compete with their neighbors. The state has a development project for a city to be named "Falconcity of Wonders". Its name is due to its shape which represents a hawk in full flight. Wonders, are the different monuments of the world that will sprinkle it. There will be a tower of Pisa, the pyramid of Cheops, a reproduction of Venice, and of course an Eiffel Tower. If we ignore the size of this monument, it seems that it is not far from the original ...

But this is still only a project, so we can not rely too much on this model, only representation of the future Eiffel Tower of which we know.

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