Copies, replicas and reproductions of the Eiffel Tower in Taiwan


Copies of the Eiffel tower in Taïwan

Replica of Taichung

Replica of Taichung


The city of Taïchung, Taiwan, has in the garden of a restaurant a beautiful Eiffel Tower ... cardboard. This material is rarely used because it does not lend itself to fine cuttings that a copy of such a building requires. Not to mention that the interview is probably hard to do.

This is painted white and sits near a pond. His reason of being ? The restaurant is run by an environmentally-conscious owner, and he has made sure that everything in his restaurant is made from recycled cardboard. And it works ! Tables, chairs, furniture, decoration, everything is actually cardboard. In the garden he had a copy of the tower of Pisa, and this copy of the Eiffel Tower, still cardboard. This proves that using recycled material is possible!

Replica of Taipei

Replica of Taipei


The capital of Taiwan, Taipai, is a sprawling city. It does not escape the presence, in its streets, of a copy of the Eiffel tower. This one is not especially well done. She is on Chung-Shan North Avenue where there are many stores to prepare for her wedding. In the eyes of the Taiwanese, Paris is the capital of romanticism, no wonder that the Eiffel Tower was used as a symbol for a store specializing in wedding items.

Aesthetically there is still a lot to say, even if this picture does not show much. It is clear that it is not intended to perfectly imitate the Parisian tower, it does not have the right curvature, and its first floor is almost nonexistent. But more than the precision of reproduction, it is the symbol that is important here.

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