Scams around the Eiffel Tower, in 1887


Scams around the Eiffel Tower, in 1887

A project as important as the construction of the Eiffel Tower has inevitably attracted a large number of ill-intentioned people who have sought, at all times, to take advantage of the financial windfall that has been released. So various scams were updated about it.

The protective cover

"The Tintamarre" was also mentioned by a magazine "Tintamaresque" of the Exhibition of 1889, made spiritually according to his habits and customs, and entitled "Eiffelorama". The Eiffel Tower was not without also putting in the imagination of the makers of all countries. It has been said that in Glogau, a province of Prussian Silesia, an individual was arrested in May 1891 who committed numerous scams to the detriment of cloth manufacturers in that country. This character pretended to be a charge d'affaires of Mr Eiffel and said he had the mission to buy large quantities of the famous canvas Silesia, to make a huge cover for the 300-meter tower, for the season. 'winter. Seduced by the hope of a share of profit in this order, a subject of the province of Brandenburg had even advanced large sums, as a provision, to various small manufacturers. One must almost admire the ingenuity of this exploiter, unless one prefers to be more surprised by the stupidity of his dupes ...

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